Passion + Purpose = Impact Listeners!

I know … crazy, right? 

We just met on Virginia Muzquiz’ amazing Passion + Purpose = Impact podcast …

And now look – it’s like my entire team is jumping out of our seats in excitement to greet you.

(If you’ve stumbled on this page accidentally and haven’t listened to Virginia’s podcast … you don’t know what you’re missing. Go check it out at:  http://passionpurposeimpact.libsyn.com/website)

No wonder everyone would jump up to meet you. It is a time of celebration. I am honored that you took the time to check us out. 

Because you’ve only met me through my interview on the podcast, you might be expecting that the ‘FREE’ gift I mentioned on the podcast requires you to hand over your email address. 

Not so!

When I said ‘free’ gift, I meant it. Totally free. No email required.

This is not a stealth way for me to add you to our email list. 

Would I like for you to connect further and decide that it is worth your time to join me and what I do? 

Absolutely. I hope you enjoy the interaction so much that you decide you want to reach out to me. 

But I want that to grow like it would if we were talking face-to-face, not forced through some transactional ‘I’ll give you this but only if you give me that’ kind of exchange. 

After all, Virgina … as the premier Referral Diva … wouldn’t have it any other way, would she? Of course not! (If you haven’t made a beeline over to her website, make sure you do. She’s right around the corner at: https://masterconnectors.com)

If you want to connect, I’d be thrilled. Please reach out via email at: karin@karinolsonagency.com
Or if you’re more into social media, please stop by and visit me on facebook at: 

Either way … via email or on social media … it will be me answering … not some autoresponder or team member. 

So if it takes me a little bit to get back to you, you’ll know why. It won’t be that I forgot or am ignoring you. It’s just that there are a lot of emails to answer … and Facebook connections to respond to … and it takes me a little while to do that (that happens when you choose to build real connection and answer them personally). 

Sooooo … please understand and be patient. I think you’ll find it’s worth it.

So here’s what I promised. No opt-in. Just a little something to say ‘thanks’ for listening to the podcast and stopping by to connect.

And the next freebie (yes, two!!) is the FREE download of the Guide … Why Successful Businesses Require Lead Magnets in 2018.

You can get it right here without any optin. Just click where the black letters spell out: Why You Need Lead Magnets …

Why You Need Lead Magnets

Got it? Great!!! Good!!!

And if it makes sense to you, let’s further the connection.

Reach out to me via email (karin@karinolsonagency.com) or via social media (facebook.com/karinolsonagency) and let me know:

  • some quirk (funny, cute or witty thing about you)
  • where you’re showing up in person or online
  • what your dream or vision is for who you want to be and where you want to go
  • one thing (please be very specific as I have sometimes been known to randomly make wishes come true … for free) that would help you move further faster
  • and of course, a way I can reach back out to you!

Perfect! Hoping to hear from you soon. 

Till then, go out and really rock who you are … be seen … and spread the love!

P. S. To be fair … I didn’t list one of my quirks. (And I’ve got a bunch to choose from). Because I believe in leading by example … especially with vulnerability, here goes … one of the MANY quirks I have is that I can often be caught in moments of reckless abandon conducting some orchestral music that is playing in my head.

Any guess which piece I conduct the most often?

P.P.S. If you are interested in the Gratitude Books mentioned in the podcast, they are:

Jenn Duehring of Mom Loss Survivors (http://momlosssurvivors.com) wrote a book containing writing prompts centered around bringing more mom back into one’s life after losing one’s mom. The book, The Embrace of Gratitude, is pictured below:

Kayla Olson of The Dandelion Gratitude Project (http://thedandeliongratitudeproject.com) wrote a journal book with writing prompts to help foster more awareness and gratitude in your life. The book, The Dandelion Gratitude Project, is pictured below:

As you can see, the books are through Amazon. There is both a digital and an actual physical copy book. So if you are interested in a version of the book, please make sure you are getting the one you are interested in.

And also please know … I have listed the websites for each of the authors so that you can choose to either buy the books from them or through Amazon. They each have a link to their books on their website which will also connect you to Amazon:

Mom Loss Survivors:                       http://momlosssurvivors.com/offerings/

The Dandelion Gratitude Project:   http://thedandeliongratitudeproject.com/index.php/offerings/


Why am I providing this? It’s because I have an affiliate relationship with Amazon. As such, I will receive a small percentage of any sale should you buy the book through the picture I have above. This does not cost you anything extra but in all transparency want you to know about it. 

Please also know that each of the authors has a link on their own website to purchase the book through them (and through their link to Amazon) … so you can always order through them. I provide the link here and encourage you to support them!