Who Is Veronica Bahn?

Hi!  I’m Veronica Bahn.  I’m known as the Side Hustle Expert.

I work with driven, inspired people just like you to show them ways to dream bigger and create more success with your Side Hustle.

I have a special gift for working with those who aren’t willing to settle for a dead-end career, a boss who micro-manages or an uncertain future.

I show these extraordinary women and men ways to turn their passions, skills, and experience into more wealth, more time or more impact – and especially a mix of all three!

I leverage my years of experience in sales, marketing and operations to help you discover, develop and thrive in your Side Hustle.

Together we can create a fearless action plan that will Identify, Clarify and Electrify the pulse within you to bring you into your zone of Genius.

In that way, you’ll get set to create a customized plan to help you make more money on your terms while aligning your passion and purpose to serve your soul.  This will let you create a Legacy strong enough to leave your mark on the world.