Thank You Connected Maximizer!

Thank You ... and Congrats!

We’re so excited to see that you have joined our family of caring, committed, connected small business owners and professionals.

And Congratulations on having the foresight and wisdom to take this important step not only for you and your business … but also for your clients.

Remember – the better you are seen, the more you can do!

To get started, here are a few next steps to help us get your visibility ramping up.  

We’ll be sending you a form that asks a few simple questions to help us get started.  So please watch for it!

But if you want to get a quick jump start and speed ahead faster than a speeding email, you can:

1. Remember to white list our emails and website:

                        This will help the over-industrious clean-up agents from sweeping emails from us
                        into the trash.  And that will reduce the risk that stuff we’ll send you … including 
                        bonuses … goes missing.

2. Send us your website and social media links to:

                       We’ll start by looking at all the wonderfulness you’ve already got going on.
                       Then we’ll put together our Proprietary Analysis to highlight some ways to ramp up
                       your online footprint.

3. Send us the exact physical address you use for your business.

                       Google tracks by your business address.  So does Yelp.
                       So we want to make sure that we set everything pointing to that.

Okay … remember to watch for the email from us!

My team is standing at the ready … eager to help.

If you need to reach us, the best ways to do so are send us an email to:


You can also set up a time so we can chat.  To get on my calendar, you can go to:


And if you ever want to ramp your business even more, let us know.  We have a full set of solutions that are just waiting to hop into service for you.

We can’t wait to get started!