So Excited To Connect!

We're So Glad You're Here!

I know … crazy, right? 

We just met on Chris’ amazing Convention Cash Flow podcast and now it’s as though my entire team is so excited that they’re jumping out of our seats in excitement.

But the truth is … this is a time of celebration. We are honored that you took the time to check us out. 

By taking this step, you are honoring your commitment to your own success … and to the success of those you most want to serve. 

Because that’s what happens every time you look to up-level how you show up. 

And it is a perfect time to take your visibility, authority and connection seriously … because so much is at stake. 

Raising the bar … claiming who your are … growing how you are seen … and building relationships of substance … these are all key to greater success in 2018. 

Now, because you’ve only met us through my chat on the podcast … you are likely just getting to know me. So you might be expecting that the ‘free gift requires you to hand over your email address. 

Not so! When I said ‘free’ gift, I meant it. Totally free. No email required.

This is not a bargained-for exchange or stealth way for me to add you to our email list.

Because as much as I would absolutely love it if you felt you got a ton of value and wanted to connect more, this really is simply that I am glad to have connected with you. I hope you enjoy the interaction so much that you decide you want to reach out to me. But I want that to grow naturally like it would if we were talking face-to-face rather than forced.

So if you want to connect, please send me an email at:

It will be me answering … not some autoresponder or team member. If it takes me a little bit to get back to you, you’ll know why. I didn’t forget and I’m not ignoring you. You matter to me. It’s just that there are a lot of emails to answer (that happens when you choose to build real connection and answer them personally). Sooooo … please understand and be patient.

I think you’ll find it’s worth it.

So here’s what I promised. This is the free gift. No opt-in. Just a little something to say ‘thanks’ for listening to the podcast and stopping by to connect.


Great … now if it makes sense for you, let’s further the connection.

Reach out to me via email ( and let me know:

  • what you are doing
  • what your passion project is
  • some quirk (funny, cute or witty thing about you)
  • where you’re showing up in person or online
  • what your dream or vision is for who you want to be and where you want to go
  • and of course, an email address I can use to reach back out to you

Perfect! Hoping to hear from you soon. 

Till then, go out and really rock who you are … be seen … and spread the love!

P. S. To be fair … I should probably start by sharing one of my MANY quirks first. After all, fair is fair.  So here goes … I can often be caught in moments of reckless abandon conducting some orchestral music that is playing in my head. 

Any guess on which piece?