When things excite me, I love to share them. This is no exception.

Here are a few resources that I found:
a. More than simply neat, nifty or nice
b. Worthy of unrestrained praise
c. Thought provoking in a kept-me-up-at-night sort of way
d. Turned my world upside down … but in a good way
e. All of the above

And please know … that some of the items listed may result in me … or someone closely associated with me … receiving a benefit should you purchase through the link I have listed. It will cost you nothing additional, but I or someone close to me may get a benefit … like a portion of the sale, a free item, a first look, access to something or someone cool, a meal or that feel good feeling from helping someone out.

Make no mistake … I only recommend a resource if I think it is valuable.

So here goes: