Thank You ... and Congrats!

By moving forward, you are honoring your commitment to you and your success. 

Because after all, you can’t succeed if no one knows you’re there.

So by increasing your visibility, authority and connection through lead magnets,
you are improving how people connect with you. 

It is a perfect time to take this aspect of your work seriously … because so much is at stake. 

Claiming your authority, growing your visibility and building real connection are key to getting greater success in the+ second half of 2018 … and your action to get your lead magnets up couldn’t come at a better time.

Shortly, we will be putting your book into an envelope and carefully sending it off to you in the mail.

We will also be sending you the link for the Inside Scoop Masterclass – the virtual Masterclass where we’ll look closely at all things Lead Magnets and we’ll roll up our respective sleeves and Do-It-Together. 

That email will show you how to pick the date that works best for you. 
(And if none of the dates work, don’t worry.  We will be rolling more out.
So just send my team an email and let us know!) 

Of course …

1. Make sure you white list my email and our website. That will help reduce the risk that the email with the Inside Scoop Masterclass dates for you to choose from … and any surprise bonuses … goes missing. (I can guarantee you won’t want to miss out!)

2. If you have any trouble receiving the link … please check your spam folder.  Every once in awhile the email containing the link gets hijacked by some over-industrious clean-up agents and accidentally lands there. If it’s not there, please let us know. 

3. My team is standing at the ready to help. If you don’t get the link or experience other difficulties, please send us an email to:

4. Take time to celebrate this next step. Taking you and the ways you connect with your ideal client seriously is worthy of celebrating.

Thanks again. And a heartfelt congratulations on this next step!