It used to be hard. 
(Not anymore).

there's an easy way to ...

Highlight Your expertise

You've heard about the importance of the 'Know-Like-and-Trust' factor. But in 2018, you need more than that. You also have to show you can be a guide who can take your clients on the road to their success. Lead magnets can do that and more. They provide your ideal clients with not just a reason for why you are the best choice ... but why you are the only choice. Seriously ... what else can do that?

create relationships

Clients no longer want merely a product. They want connection. And they want something to believe in ... a place where they can belong. Lead magnets crafted well build client relationships that are worthy of a journey together ... and one your ideal client wants to take.

lend hope

When onlookers come to you because they have some type of pain, plight or problem, your lead magnet gives them hope that there's not just an answer ... but a solution. In that way, a lead magnet lends hope that there is something out there that solves their struggle. What's more, it proves that they don't have to go it alone.

handle objections

Questions. Everyone has questions. But questions left unanswered become objections. You need a way to anticipate and then answer questions and overcome objections long before they are voiced. That's where lead magnets can do your best customer service AND sales team. That's because lead magnets let you anticipate common stumbling blocks your clients encounter before buying ... and then solve it.

share your story

The best way to connect is not through facts. It's through story. Your story. Telling the right amount of the right story lets your ideal client see that you understand their pain and can provide a solution without judgment or criticism. And isn't that what everyone really wants?


When you have orchestrated a finely tuned suite of lead magnets, your ideal clients are taken on a journey. They move from onlooker to raving fan ready to purchase what you offer even before you offer it. That's because lead magnets create informed purchasers. And that's good for business.

you can't afford not to use them

In the beginning, I was clueless about the potential held in a simple lead magnet.

When I up-leveled from working as an award-winning attorney to showing people how to get their work (and themselves) out into the world, I didn't know all that a lead magnet could do.

I thought ... lead magnets are just more content, right? Nothing special about that.


As I worked crafting strategies for A-List and soon-to-be A-List players, I got to see how crazy effective just the right lead magnet was on the client's journey from searching for answers ... to sorting through solutions ... to getting something solved.
It changed my perspective.
I tested new and different ways to get lead magnets to work and the results were incredible.

Lead magnets are like a dynamic conversation between you and your ideal client. You anticipate where they are at and what they are looking for while they open themselves up to solutions they hadn't previously embraced.


Your ideal client gets their problem or issue solved ... you get a client to share your genius with ... and you both build a relationship that moves each of you forward. And it all starts with the right lead magnet.
Lead Magnet Creator
Karin Olson


It's time to reconsider.


Because lead magnets are the single most effective way to engage your perfect clients.

Lead magnets done right can lead your ideal client from onlooker to client to raving fan.

And that means lead magnets are key to business success … and cash flow.

See how to change your lead magnets from unheard of to unforgettable.