I’m soooo glad we met.

If our schedules aligned better,
I’d offer to buy you a cup of tea or coffee
and we could dive deeper into what stirs your soul … and your business.

But since distance and schedules seem to have come between us, 
I put together this instead.

It’s a small way to say ‘thank you’ for the connection. 

Totally free.  No opt-in.  🙂

Because that’s how the start of a relationship should be.



Here's A Crazy Effective Way To Start

To Bank More Revenue ...


Up-level your lead magnets.
I know.  Hardly seems sexy, right?  But hear me out.

When you and I met, I immediately had a way to further the conversation.
I gave you a way to get a free lead magnet.

And it worked.  You’re here.

If you couldn’t get customers … or got customers but none
ever bought anything … or they bought, but no one bought again,
fixing your lead magnets could improve how you connect with people.

‘Cuz a super stealth strategy is to NOT stop giving them out once someone buys.

Because when you give something away for free …
It reveals how you experience the world.  
Are you generous and live in abundance? Or tight fist-ed and controlling?

When the Invitation is value-based and not sales-y, it deepens connection.
But when it helps your client do something they want, it also influences through solution.

And that lends hope. 

Lead magnets are one of the first ways that people get to experience you …
Your genius … your heart … your essence.

They have the power to change everything.

 And lead magnets are easy to give out … just like candy at Halloween!
(Only tons better for you AND your balance sheet).

Put them everywhere people look for you.

Have a website? 
Put up several for each stage of the customer journey.

Got a podcast? 
Give out lead magnets regularly and often.

Guest on a podcast? 
Place on a page where you invite the podcast guests to go.

A blog? 
Add them often.

Social media? 
Put them in your profile … and even sprinkle them in posts.

Send out emails? 
Include some lead magnets every now and again.

Lead magnets are the crazy simple way to get seen … 
show who you really are and build deeper connection …
prove that you understand your clients’ struggles …
and show that you have solutions that really work.

Done right, everyone wants them.
That’s because lead magnets educate your customer, overcome objections and prime the sale!

Little else does all that. 
I mean, seriously.  It can start to rock your bank account.

But too many people have too few lead magnets. 
(Or they have lead magnets that simply don’t do the job.)

Want to know how your lead magnets stack up?

To find out … keep reading …


So Uplevel Your Lead Magnets.
(It's An Easy Way To Raise the Bar On Your Business.)

And make sure you add more story. 
(‘Cuz that will be a game changer).

You know, something about why you do this work.  
Or an experience you had with what you do.

Not salesy.
But f
rom the heart.

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