Get The Lead Out!

Remember when just one lead magnet was enough?
Well … not any more.

Everyone looking to get over-the-top success knows that one lead magnet no longer is enough.

So are you looking to:

Be More Visibile?

Rock Your Niche?

Build Deep Connection?



Whether you are a guest on someone’s podcast … or you host your own,
lead magnets are a stealth tool.

And the cool thing about lead magnets is … you can use them everywhere your client shows up.

On a podcast? Give out lead magnets … regularly and often.
Got a blog? Throw them out like candy at a parade.
On social media? Put them in your profile … and even sprinkle them in posts.
Send out emails? Include some every now and again.

Lead magnets are the crazy simple way to get seen, show who you really are
and build deeper connection …

And they do that while totally ramping up your business.

That’s because they
 educate your customer, overcome objections and prime the sale.

What else can do all that?
I mean, seriously.
They deeply serve your clients, build relationship AND prime a sale.
You’ve GOT to have them.

But too many people have too few lead magnets. 

As in … many have only one.

That’s not enough to have something different everywhere.

And given that most people need to experience your work at least 7 times before they buy, having only one lead magnet is no longer effective.

It also doesn’t speak to everyone at every place in the funnel.
It can’t.
Those who are just beginning at the top of the funnel need a differnt lead magnet than those at the middle of the funnel or the bottom of the funnel.

If you have been skimping on lead magnets, it’s time to reconsider.

To find out more … read here …

What's Your Next Move?

While knowing that lead magnets get you more … clients, connection and ultimately cash, knowledge without doing something about it won’t get you … or your clients … anywhere.

There’s a simple, straightforward next right step for you to take that can make all the difference for you and your business.

And I’d love to jump on a call with you to explore which step is right for you.

So let’s chat. 

No scheduling link. No playing back-and-forth emails. No high pressure sales pitch.

Just call me.

Because if you have none or one lead magnet, you are seriously limiting your ability to rock your business.

My number is: 773-580-1135.

Let’s see how we can get your business rocking.