It’s remarkable, isn’t it? 

Just the other day we didn’t know each other.

Now that we’ve just met on Chris’ amazing Convention Cash Flow podcast … everything has changed. The ripple effect stemming from the excitement generated is sure to be felt by more people than you can possiby imagine.

It is a time of celebration. 

After all, every time we meet someone new … it opens new opportunities. 

And since you are stopping here, some of those new opportunities are for getting greater visibility, owning more of your authority and broadening … and deepening … your connections.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. We’ve only just met. And you don’t know much about me yet.

You’ve come for the free gift I mentioned and here I am gushing over you.

The free gift is below. While you might be expecting that the ‘free’ gift requires you to hand over your email address, it doesn’t. 

When I said ‘free’ gift, I meant it. Totally free. No email required.

This is not a bargained-for exchange or stealth way for me to add you to our email list.

If you’d like to connect, I’d be over-joyed. But I don’t want to force that through some trickery where I claim it’s free but really the cost is your email address.

So if you’d like to connect, please send me an email at: karin@karinolsonagency.com

It will be me answering … so if it takes me a little bit to write back, you’ll know why. I’m not ignoring you. You matter to me. It’s just that when I chose to build real connection and answer them personally, my inbox got a little more full than can be quickly addressed in one day. Sooooo … please understand and be patient.

I think you’ll find it’s worth it.

So here’s what I promised. This is the free gift. No opt-in. Just a little something to say ‘thanks’ for listening to the podcast and stopping by to connect.


I hope it will serve you. 

And if it makes sense for you, let’s further the connection. Reach out to me via email (karin@karinolsonagency.com) and let me know:

what your passion project is
  • some quirk (funny, cute or witty thing about you)
  • what in-person events did you think rocked (and why)
  • what your dream or vision is for who you want to be and where you want to go
  • and of course, an email address I can use to reach back out to you

Perfect! Hope to hear from you soon. 

Till then, go out and really rock who you are … be seen … and spread the love!

P. S. To be fair … I should have started by sharing one of my MANY quirks. After all, fair is fair. I shouldn’t ask you to share unless I am willing to share. 

So here goes … 

One of my quirks is … I can often be caught conducting some orchestral music. Frequently in the car. And it is only playing in my head.

Any guess on which piece?