Be Your GPS

Be Your GPS Listeners!

I know … crazy, right? 

We just met on Chris’ amazing Be Your GPS podcast (if you’ve stumbled on this page accidentally and haven’t listened to Chris’ podcast … you don’t know what you’re missing. Go check it out at:

And now look … it’s like my entire team is jumping out of our seats in excitement to greet you.

But the truth is … this is a time of celebration. We are honored … and I am honored … that you took the time to check us out and grab the FREE gift I mentioned. 

Now, because you’ve only met me through my interview on the podcast, you might be expecting that the ‘free gift requires you to hand over your email address. 

Not so!

When I said ‘free’ gift, I meant it. Totally free. No email required. 

This is not a stealth way for me to add you to our email list. 

Would I like for you to connect further and decide that it is worth your time to join me and what I do? Absolutely. I hope you enjoy the interaction so much that you decide you want to reach out to me. 

But I want that to grow like it would if we were talking face-to-face, not forced through some transactional ‘I’ll give you this but only if you give me that’ kind of exchange.

If you want to connect, I’d be thrilled. Please reach out via email at:
Or if you’re more into social media, pleaase stop by on facebook at:

Either way … via email or on social media … it will be me answering … not some autoresponder or team member. So if it takes me a little bit to get back to you, you’ll know why. It won’t be that I forgot or am ignoring you. You matter to me. It’s just that there are a lot of emails to answer (that happens when you choose to build real connection and answer them personally). 

Sooooo … please understand and be patient. I think you’ll find it’s worth it.

So here’s what I promised. No opt-in. Just a little something to say ‘thanks’ for listening to the podcast and stopping by to connect. It shows a cook way to have people connect with you on a deeper level.

Great … now if it makes sense for you, let’s further the connection.

Reach out to me via email ( or via social media ( and let me know:

  • what your passion project is
  • some quirk (funny, cute or witty thing about you)
  • where you’re showing up online or in person
  • one thing (please be very specific as I have sometimes been known to randomly make wishes come true … for free) that would help you move further faster
  • and of course, a way I can reach back out to you

Perfect! Hoping to hear from you soon. 

Till then, go out and really rock who you are … be seen … and spread the love!

P.S. To be fair … I didn’t list one of my quirks … and I’ve got a bunch to choose from. Because I believe in leading by example … especially with vulnerability, here goes … one of the MANY quirks I have is that I can often be caught in moments of reckless abandon conducting some orchestral music that is playing in my head.

Any guess which piece I conduct the most often? 

P.P.S. If you are interested in exploring how to work with me further, let me know in the email. I’ll reach out and let you know some ways that we can do that.

I speak on stage, offer in-person workshops, provide virtual Do It Together workshops where we actually get stuff together online, and even offer courses and other services.

So if that is of interest, reach out and let me know. (And if the timing isn’t right for you for that, it’s totally okay. I’ve been there, waited on that too … so I get it. Reach out any way. Just let me know how I can best serve you).